Subaru Outback

Information that I have collected for my 2005 Subaru Outback XT Limited.

Update: Engine has blown. Currently at Horizontal Motor Sports.


DOHC - Double Over Head Cam

EJ255 Version 1: Used in the 2005 and 2006 Legacy, as well as the 2004 and 2005 Forester. This engine uses the AB440 shortblock, which is the same shortblock as the 2004-2006 STI EJ257. The heads on these EJ255 are the AB650s, while the US 04-06 STI is the familiar AB640/910. The cams are the same between the EJ255 Version 1 and the EJ257.


A list of things to check and/or change out.

Banjo bolt

Oil and filter

Popular recommendation seems to be Full Synthetic with turbo cars.

Fluid Change

Transmission and Rear differential

Both use synthetic 75W-90 gear oil. Make sure its GL-5 rated.

You'll need 4QTs of fluid for the front and 1QT for the rear.

You will need a T70 Torx bit to take off the front drain plug. Remove dipstick, remove and clean plug, drain fluid, re-install plug, use funnel and fill, then re-install dipstick. Check levels afterwards.

The rear plugs are 1/2". A pump will be useful for flushing the rear fluids. Remove both plugs, drain, then pump/fill until fluid runs clean out of bottom hole, insert bottom plug, pump until fluid comes out of top hole, then plug top hole.

If you have a torque wrench:

Video of process Link to more information



The stock uppipe comes with a catalytic converter that is known to disintegrate and send pieces into your turbo, which then feeds into your engine.

It should be replaced with an uppipe that does not have a catalytic converter and it does not require a 'bung' for the EGT sensor.

The EGT sensor is only there to monitor whether the cat is working properly. You can disconnect the sensor and use a resistor to trick the ECU to not throw a code.

Skid plate


Sway bar