Thoughts, notes, and lists relating to fishing.



Dorman Pond, OR

40ms outside of Portland. Good bank access, but lots of water vegitation. Stocked with trout and bass, but I didnt see any. Lots of Bluegill, they'll bite anything.

Used a Trout Magnet against the Bluegill with good success. Wasnt sure how to attack the middle of the pond. It was really hot, so I'm guessing the bigger fish are down low to beat the heat?

Wasnt sure where to find trout or bass. Dealt with a lot of salad on the hook. Didn't run any treble hooks.

Metolius River, OR

The first couple of miles below Bridge 99 offer good opportunity to catch fish. Beyond Candle Creek Campground (two miles below Bridge 99), the Warm Springs Indian Reservation occupies the west bank and river access is denied. Route 1499 continues for 11 miles on the east bank, where fishing is legal for the adventurous who like to hike or bike to fishing holes.

Perhaps even more remote, wild, and rugged is the Metolius River downstream of Bridge 99. Highlighted by roaring rapids, and by thick brush and giant ponderosa pine trees along its banks, this stretch of the Metolius is home to big bull trout, redband trout and whitefish.

Relatively few anglers venture that far downstream, so it is possible to target fish that have experienced less pressure from fishermen than on more-popular sections of the river closer to U.S. Highway 20.

The Metolius below Bridge 99, about 15 miles north of Black Butte Ranch, is restricted to artificial flies and lures, while upstream of the bridge is restricted to fly angling only. Catch-and-release is the only fishing permitted on the entire river.

Crooked River, OR

Deschutes River, OR